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Hinsdale Fine Art Festival

Burlington Park, Hinsdale, Il.

Sat. June 07, 2014:  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sun. June 08, 2014: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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           Gerrylea is a newcomer to the Irish Art scene. Granddaughter of an Irish Immigrant, she loved the stories of Ireland that her grandfather told her. She could vision Ireland in her dreams, thus her desire to capture the Irish scenery and become an Irish Artist at a very young age. She won a scholarship at six years old to the Art Institute of Chicago and various other art awards. She left her love of the arts to raise a family. She went back to art school in the early 80's, to refresh her talent.

       Her first trip to Ireland was in 1987, where she instantly fell in love with the people and country. Her dream to become an Irish Artist was starting to become a reality. Her real love is on the West coast, which urged her to capture the Irish scenery and magnificent beauty on canvas for years to come. She spent much time sketching and painting Irish scenes while visiting her husband's relatives in counties Donegal and Kerry, as most of hers had left for the U.S. and other areas.

       Most of her works are of the west coast areas of Ireland. The first Gicleť prints were released in 2001. She continues to take trips back to Ireland, to sketch and take pictures for her growing collection of Irish prints. She has eight Gicleť Prints currently released with more to be released in early 2008.


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